TV installation

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  • Labor charge for installation of one LED/LCD T.V (48 Inch - 60 Inch).

Included :

  • Labor charge for installation of one LED/LCD T.V.
  • Spare parts procurement at (extra cost)
  • Minor masonry work
  • Free revisit in case of issue occurs in 30 days

Excluded :

  • Major wiring (more than 2m).
  • Warranty of spare parts provided by customer

Get Professional Home TV Installation Service in Patna

Are you looking for a professional, reliable, and affordable TV installation service in Patna? Look no further than! We are committed to providing quality home TV installation services to Patna residents to make sure that you get the best viewing experience with your TV.

At, we guarantee the highest quality in terms of the products, services, and installation process. Our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the right brand and model of television for your home. We will also help you select the right mounting system for your TV. Once the selection is done, our expert technicians will make sure that your TV is properly installed with the prescribed installation materials.

The process includes connecting the TV to the power supply, connecting all the cables and components, configuring the TV settings, and programming the remote control. Finally, our technicians will provide you with a demonstration of how to use the TV’s various features and settings, so you can enjoy your TV with the best quality.

With our home TV installation service, you can be assured that your TV will be properly mounted, connected, and configured in a way that will ensure maximum safety and maximum performance. We also guarantee that all our installations are done with utmost diligence and expertise, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best service possible.

For convenient and reliable home TV installation in Patna, call us at 8544070668 or visit our website to get in touch with us today. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you with an installation service tailored to your needs.

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