Home services, on demand.

Home services, on demand.

Home services, on demand.

Home services, on demand.

Home services, on demand.
Women's Therapies

Cleaning and Pest Control Service

Appliances Repair

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Electrician, Plumber & Carpenter

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Home Service in Patna

We are from the consumer durable industry, and having experience in the service industry has always been the backbone of the consumer durable industry. Once the customer spends his hard-earned money on the purchase of products for the comfort of his loved ones, he has a perception of the durability of the product. With the passage of time, in each and every durable products, he come across the repair services requirement and at SOC Services Pvt. Ltd. we truly try to provide best service professional to meet your service requirement, whether its Home Service in Patna, Ac Service in Patna, Ac repair, home appliance repair, carpentry work, plumbing, electrician, beautician, barber, house painting, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pest control services within a few minutes at your place from your surroundings just through a few clicks on our application. Get all services as per your convenient schedule.

Service on Clap is a common online service platform for all kinds of services like electrician services, plumber services, carpenter services, salons for women and men, pest control, home cleaning, appliance repair, car washing, laundry, plumber services, and many more for your daily needs. With a single click, you can schedule your services as per your convenience.

We make our lives comfortable, and we spent a lot of money to get all of these appliances. We spent our hard-earned money on buying this article. After using them for some time, different kinds of wear and tear happen. To keep them running all the time, we spend money on their repair solutions. We have a team of professionally trained service providers, mainly for AC service in Patna. All of them have sound technical experience, and most of the service providers have company backgrounds. They have worked with leading brands in the industry. So they have work ethics.

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