Best Microwave Repair Service in Patna

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  • Prices includes visit & diagnosis
  • Spare parts rates as per SOC (rate card)
  • 30 days repair warranty

Know more about our repair service:

Microwave checkups: Our expert will visit your home and diagnose the same issue. Final repair cost will be provides after diagnosis

Adjustment of inspection fee: Inspection fee Rs. 159/- will be adjust in final bill, if you approve to go a head with the repair after diagnosis

High quality spare parts: We always ensure the best quality and equivalent make spare parts use to repair your appliances

Standard repair process: Our expert are well trained and have years of experience across leading brands and also they are trained by SOC to ensure your appliances to handle with care it deserves

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Electrical Issue / Not Working


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Microwave Repair Service In Patna

Service on Clap provides you with the best and highest quality of services to repair microwaves. It has come to make hot food quickly and easily accessible for modern kitchens. The microwave is an essential part of the modern kitchen and one of the most popular household appliances ever devised. However, troubleshooting microwave faults must be performed with the greatest care and safety. Handling them without adequate care and safety could have been fatal. Clap is an affordable microwave repair service.

Drawer Style Microwave Repair Service

Drawer-style microwave repair and services are ideal, and you can be sure that they always give you good performance. if you are facing any kind of problem with your microwave, like a microwave that isn’t working. There are sparks inside the microwave.

Built In Microwave Repair Service

Built-in microwave repair service: As you may be aware, Service on Clap is a leading provider of microwave repair services, offering high-quality built-in microwave repair service, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. If you require microwave installation or microwave uninstallation assistance, please contact us immediately at 8544070668

Frequently asked questions

How long it take to repair my appliance?
Our professional will try to repair in shortest time possible. Repair time depends on factors such as issue & availability of spare parts.
Will i have to provide anything?
Our professional will carry everything else with them, you will only need to help them with a working electricity connection.
What if same issue occurs again?
Our professional are highly experienced and will repair your appliance with utmost efficiency. If you feel same issue occurring again we will happy to re-visit , checkup our SOC warranty for more details.
How I know whether genuine products are being used?
We always value of your trust hence we ensure that all our parts are aligned with high quality standard.
what if my appliance get damage during repair?
Our professional will handle your appliance with care.

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