L'Oréal Nourishing Hair Spa

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  • 6 Step rich repairing cream bath to straightened damage hair
  • Provides nourishment, for gorgeous hair

Dry & fizzy, dull hair

Chemically treated hair & color

  • Fallowing hygiene and safety measure, client will draped in disposable cape
  • Hair will be detangled and appropriate sections
  • Professional hair stylist will mix L'Oreal Hair Spa Cream & Concentrate ampoule in bowl
  • Mixture will be applied with a brush from root to tips
  • Hair Spa cream will be emulsified from root to tips for smooth & silky finish
  • 20 Mins of relaxing head massage fallowed by steam therapy
  • The service not includes hair wash.

Included :

  • L'Oreal Deep Nourishment Spa and Concentrate.

Excluded :

Do you want to look your best for special occasions and events? Are you looking for a high-quality hair spa in Patna? Look no further than SOCSPL.COM’s L’Oréal Nourishing Hair Spa.

Our L’Oréal Nourishing Hair Spa is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and nourish your hair. We provide our clients with an outstanding hair spa experience unlike any other. From scalp treatments to deep conditioning and hydrating treatments, we have something for everyone.

At our salon, we use only the finest products and techniques to ensure that our clients get the best possible results. We use L'Oréal’s nourishing hair spa mask, which is enriched with argan oil, to nourish your scalp as it cleanses it. Along with our nourishing hair spa mask, we use L'Oréal's specialized hair treatments to protect and nourish your hair. This means that with our treatments, you can look forward to healthier, more vibrant hair.

Our experts at SOCSPL.COM understand that each person has unique hair needs. That’s why we take time to get to know each of our clients and their hair in order to create customized hair spa treatments. We also offer a range of hair styling services, such as styling and coloring, to help you look your absolute best.

If you’re looking for a luxurious pampering experience and want to get the best possible results for your hair, then look no further than SOCSPL.COM’s L’Oréal Nourishing Hair Spa in Patna. Call us today at 8544070668 to book your appointment.

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