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  • Dirt and dark stain removal from the toilet pot, tiles, floor, basin & exhaust fan
  • Book the same service every month for a clean hygiene spotless bathroom


Item removal: Removal of other toiletry and other objects from bathroom

Cleaning of all area and surface: Removals of dirt, deposits stains from window, floor, slabs, counter tops

Superior stain removal: Stain removal of dirt and cement deposits, rust / paint stain, from corner of bathroom including objects

Hard to reach spot: Cleaning area under the sink, behind of the refrigerator, microwave and space between furniture

Floor deep cleaning: Removal of dirt/ stains deposits, paint stain using scrubbing machine

Finishing touch: Drying up the bathroom and restocking all items, and spraying scented air freshener


  • Wet wiping of wall
  • Please provide stool/ ladder if required
  • Cleaning of floor & tiles with scrubbing machine

Included :

Excluded :

Classic Bathroom Cleaning in Patna

Service on clap providing Experience the ultimate bathroom cleaning service in Patna with our professional team. We specialize in restoring the sparkle and freshness of your bathrooms using top-quality products and techniques.

1. Empty all wastebaskets and replace liners

2. Clean and sanitize all surfaces, including sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers

3. Vacuum and mop floors

4. Clean and polish all mirrors and chrome fixtures

5. Dust all surfaces, including window sills, ledges, and baseboards

6. Clean and disinfect all tile and grout

7. Scrub and disinfect all toilets, including bowls, tanks, and exteriors

8. Wipe down all cabinets, countertops, and vanities

9. Clean and disinfect all bathtubs and showers

10. Clean and shine all faucets and fixtures

11. Clean and disinfect all sinks

12. Clean and polish all shower doors and tracks

13. Clean all windows inside and out, including frames and tracks

14. Clean and disinfect all light switches and outlet covers

15. Disinfect all doorknobs and handles

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