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  • Labor charge of one switchboard repair (up to 12 switch)

Included :

  • Labor charge of one switchboard repair
  • Minor wiring (up to 2m)
  • Warranty on spare parts sourced by SOC
  • Clean-up after the service
  • Spare parts procurement at (extra cost)
  • Free revisit in case of issue occurs in 30 days

Excluded :

  • Major wiring more than 2m or new wiring at (extra cost)
  • Warranty of spare parts provided by customer

Switchboard repair in Patna 

Switches play a crucial role in your home’s electrical wiring system, enabling the safe and efficient flow of electricity. Without working switches, it’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of electricity in your home. So when something goes wrong with your switchboard, it’s important to get it fixed immediately.

If you’re in need of switchboard repair services in Patna, look no further than Socspl. We offer a host of services, including switchboard repair, installation, and servicing, conducted by our team of experienced technicians. With our help, you can restore your switchboard and get back to enjoying the benefits of electricity in your home.

At Socspl, we understand the importance of having a reliable and functioning switchboard. That’s why we guarantee quick and reliable solutions for switchboard repair services in Patna. Our services can be booked online or through our customer service hotline, offering you ultimate convenience.

We also offer additional services such as switchboard wiring repair and installation, switchboard replacement, and switchboard maintenance. With our expertise, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your switchboard is functioning properly and safely.

Don’t let faulty switches put your home at risk. Get in touch with Socspl for professional switchboard repair services in Patna. Book now with us and get your switchboard repairs done quickly and efficiently. Contact us now at socspl.com or call us at 8544070668. We look forward to helping you keep your switchboard in top form.

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