Deep tissue pain relief massage

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  • Deep stroking: releases muscle tension
  • Myofascial release: will tightness and pain throughout your myofascial tissue
  • Natural essential oil: as per your choice as Almond for moisturises and soothes skin, Clove & ginger oil for reduces soreness and inflammation, Rose, Lavender & sandalwood oil relaxes skin.

5 Step Massage procedure:

  1. Foot cleansing and warm up: Sanitization and wet wiping of feel fallowed by a gentle massage
  2. Back Massage: Deep gliding strokes and interlocked palm pressure from neck till lower back and near neck
  3. Legs Massage: Thighs and calves massage palm circles and thumb sliding over knees and gentle toe pulling
  4. Shoulder & Arm massage: Forearm sliding on full arm and shoulders, Massage of biceps, triceps and wrist rotation
  5. Head Massage: Palm slides and finger movements on the head, finger combing, thumb massage and gentle hair pulling

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