Window and Split Ac Uninstallation

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Includes uninstallation of for your AC Unit

  • Pre-service inspection: Detailed inspection of the AC for any kinds of repairs, if needed
  • Prevention of gas leakage:Closures of the pressure valves followed by proper storage of gas
  • Nitrogen pressure test: Nitrogen pressure test fallowed by uninstallation of the unit
  • Post-service closure:AC packing, pipe fixes and cleanup


  • Spare parts charged as per rate card
  • Missionary and wood work
  • Packing material

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Window and Split Ac Uninstallation in Kolkata

Are you looking for window and split AC uninstallation services in Kolkata? If yes, then you must get in touch with SOCSPL.COM!

SOCSPL.COM is a Kolkata-based AC installation and uninstallation service provider. With years of experience and technical expertise, we are committed to providing top-notch AC uninstallation services in the city. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the air-conditioning industry, SOCSPL.COM offers one of the best window and split AC uninstallation services in Kolkata.

We understand that the performance of an AC system depends heavily on the quality of its installation and uninstallation. That is why our team of professional and certified technicians pays special attention to the safety, accuracy, and quality of the AC uninstallation process. During the process, all components of the system are carefully inspected and handled to ensure that everything is done to perfection.

At SOCSPL.COM, we use only standardized tools, equipment, and safety measures to ensure that the AC system is uninstalled in a safe and efficient manner. Our technicians are also experienced and qualified in performing all kinds of AC repairs, and they have access to all the necessary spare parts and materials.

SOCSPL.COM also uses advanced technology and techniques to track and monitor the uninstallation process from start to finish. This helps us keep customers updated and informed about the progress of the project.

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount, so we always aim to offer the best window and split AC uninstallation services in Kolkata. We also offer detailed reports and estimates in advance to ensure transparency and accuracy.

So, if you want the best AC uninstallation services in Kolkata, call us at 8544070668 or visit our website at today!

Frequently asked questions

Are the consumables included in the booking cost?
No any consumable Apart from the drill is to be provided from customers. If any other accessories required our technician will produce the same (as per our rate card)and rate will reflect in invoice.
Will the professional check the AC before uninstallation?
Yes all the tools required during the process will be brought in by the professional.
Can the professional provide the service other than the books one?
You can ask to professional to inspect and do other service. Our professional will help you to book a separate AC service or modify the same booking.


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