Top to toe stress relief massage

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  • Convenient pressure of full body massage, longer head massage and foot massage.
  • Comprehensive massage experience which provides you extended foot care and scalp.

6 Step Procedure

  • Foot Cleansing & warm up wet wiping & sanitation of feet followed by gentle massage: :
  • Back Massage: kneading from neck to till the lower back, palm pressure along the sides of spine, knuckling near neck
  • Legs Massage: kneading of thighs and calves, palm circle and sliding with thumbs over knee and genitally toe pulling
  • Shoulders & arms Massage: Kneading and palm sliding of shoulders and full arms massage over biceps and triceps including wrist rotation
  • Head Massage: Finger moments and palm slides on the head, combing with finger and thumb massage and gentle hair pulling
  • Foot reflexology: Micromovent techniques with thumb and finger to cover entire pressure points in your feet

Body parts cover:

  • Head
  • Back
  • Shoulder & arm
  • Legs
  • Foot

Included :

Excluded :

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