Move in Bathroom Deep Cleaning

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  • Paint, rust, stain removal from tiles , floor, basin, toilet pot, exhaust fan etc
  • Proper cleaning with scrubbing machine, make ideal for relocating


Item removal: Removal of other toiletry and other objects from bathroom

Cleaning of all area and surface: Removals of dirt, deposits stains from window, floor, slabs, counter tops

Superior stain removal: Stain removal of dirt and cement deposits, rust / paint stain, from corner of bathroom including objects

Cleaning of all area and surface: Removal of dirt / stains from all surface, cleaning of tiles grouting & scaling stains

Hard to reach spot: Cleaning area under the sink, behind of the refrigerator, microwave and space between furniture

Floor deep cleaning: Removal of dirt/ stains deposits, paint stain using scrubbing machine

Finishing touch: Drying up the bathroom and restocking all items, and spraying scented air freshener


  • Wet wiping of wall
  • Please provide stool/ ladder if required

Included :

Excluded :

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