Air Cooler Grass-Khas Replacement

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  • Replacement of damage / broken parts of air cooler
  • Spare parts rates are applicable as per SOC (rate card)


Replacement of Fan / water pump / cooler grass / fan motor

Procurement of spare parts at (extra cost)

Cleanup after the service

Warranty on spare parts provided or sourced by SOC


Warranty on spare parts provided by customer

Included :

Excluded :

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Grass-Khas Replacement Air Coolers for Kolkata by Service on clap

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• High-Quality Materials: Constructed with heavy-duty materials that ensure long-term performance.

• Superb Cooling: superb cooling and air delivery that can combat the heat in any room.

• Durability: built to last with a high-performance design that is designed to last.

• Easy to Install: simple installation process that can be done in no time.

• 24/7 Customer Service: Enjoy 24/7 customer service with for your convenience.

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