Geyser Service

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  • Includes thorough cleaning & descaling of geyser
  • For faster heating & improves machine life

Recommendation: Service in year for netter efficiency

Know more about geyser servicing

Need for servicing: With time, the mineral & salts presence in water deposit inside your geyser leading to scaling, which can cause the skin allergies, hair fall and decrease the overall efficiency of your geyser

Removal of scaling: The key step in geyser servicing in the removal of scaling, leading your geyser as good as new

Faster heating & electricity savings: Getting your geyser serviced improves your geyser's heating speed and help save electricity

Included :

Excluded :

Geyser Repair and Service in Kolkata

Get Convenient and Reliable Repair and Service by service on clap

Need to take care of that malfunctioning geyser? Look no further than our professional repair and service in Kolkata. Our experienced technicians are experienced in handling all types of geyser repairs and services.

Product Description:

Keep your daily life running smoothly with our reliable geyser repair and services in Kolkata. We understand how important hot water is for daily routines, from the comfort of a warm shower to washing dishes or laundry. Don’t let a malfunctioning or broken geyser put a damper on that! Give us a call and our skilled technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

Our repair and service include:

• Professional diagnosis and repair of all kinds of geysers

• High-quality spare parts to ensure long-term reliability

• 24/7 availability

• Affordable repair costs

• Quick and efficient service

Frequently asked questions

How long it take to repair my appliance?
Our professional will try to repair in shortest time possible. Repair time depends on factors such as issue & availability of spare parts.
Will i have to provide anything?
Our professional will carry everything else with them, you will only need to help them with a working electricity connection.
What if same issue occurs again?
Our professional are highly experienced and will repair your appliance with utmost efficiency. If you feel same issue occurring again we will happy to re-visit , checkup our SOC warranty for more details.
How I know whether genuine products are being used?
We always value of your trust hence we ensure that all our parts are aligned with high quality standard.
What if my appliance get damage during repair?
Our professional will handle your appliance with care.

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