elysian-chocolate-vanilla-pedicure in kolkata

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Relaxing sweet gel soak, scrub, cream massage, mask for fresh & fragrant feet.

5- step pedicure process:-


Old polish removal by fallowed by cutting and filing of nails as per your presence.

Cuticle care & jelly soak:-

Cream application on all nails fallowed by dipping feet in warm water fizz ball soak.


Scrubbing feet till knees with cocoa butter and walnut to gently exfoliate the skin

Massage (10 mins):-

Relaxing Massage with massage with chocolate and vanilla massage cream.

Double mask (10 mins):-

Chocolate and vanilla mask application with a brush fallowed by buffing and nail polish application.

Included :

Excluded :

Elysian-chocolate-vanilla-pedicure in kolkata

Do you ever feel like your feet deserve some special treatment? Tired of pedicures that don’t quite hit the spot? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Elysian Chocolate Vanilla Pedicure from socspl.com in Kolkata is here to bring out your inner glow and pamper your feet.

This luxurious pedicure is perfect for anyone looking for a full relaxation experience. From start to finish, the Elysian Chocolate Vanilla Pedicure is an incredible experience that will leave you feeling revitalised.

The first step of the pedicure is a relaxing foot soak with a blend of Epsom salts, essential oils and nutrients to nourish and heal your feet. Once the foot soak has done its magic, the blissful massage begins. Skilled therapists use nourishing oils to massage your feet and ankles, relieving all tension and stress. A heavenly experience awaits!

The next step is a gentle exfoliation session, which removes any dead skin and toxins from your feet. After the exfoliation, your feet are ready for a beautiful chocolate and vanilla foot mask. This is followed by the fun part… selecting from a range of delightful foot scrubs such as Coconut Cream, Coffee Walnut, or Raw Cane Sugar and Citrus.

Once you have chosen your scrub, the pedicure is complete with a generous application of foot cream to keep your feet soft and hydrated. To complete the experience, your nails will be groomed and painted with your choice of colour.

Aside from the pampering experience, Elysian Chocolate Vanilla Pedicure has many other benefits. It increases blood circulation to the feet, helps to reduce fluid retention, detoxify and nourish the skin, and often results in a feeling of complete relaxation.

So, treat your feet to the Elysian Chocolate Vanilla Pedicure in Kolkata today and indulge in a little luxury. With its combination of massage, exfoliation, and nourishing foot masks, it’s the ideal way to pamper your feet in style.


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