elysian-british-rose-manicure in kolkata

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Rose salt soak, scrub, cream massage, mask for soft and nourishment hands.

5- step pedicure process:-


Old polish removal by fallowed by cutting and filing of nails as per your presence.

Cuticle care & jelly soak:-

Rose cream application on all nails fallowed by dipping feet in warm water in rose salt.


Scrubbing feet till elbows with rose gel and sugar granules mixture to gently exfoliate the skin

Massage (10 mins):-

Relaxing Massage with rose massage cream rich in properties of JOJOBA oil & olive oil.

Double mask (10 mins):-

Rose mask application with a brush fallowed by buffing and nail polish application.

Included :

Excluded :

Elysian-british-rose-manicure in kolkata

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