cut-file-polish-feet pedicure in kolkata

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Quick & basic nail grooming session with a wide range of nail polishes

2-step pedicure process

Cut & file:-

Old nail polish removal fallowed by cutting and filing your nail as per your presence.

Nail polish application:-

Base coat application fallowed by two more coats, Extra top coat for long-lasting effect.

Included :

Excluded :

Cut-file-polish-feet pedicure in kolkata

In this age of hustle and bustle, with our active lifestyles, it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves. But with the help of a professional pedicure, you can give your feet the love and attention they deserve.

At in Kolkata, we offer professional pedicures that include a cut, file and polish for your feet, so they can always look and feel their best. Our pedicures use professional grade tools and materials, ensuring a premium quality service that will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.

A pedicure is the perfect way to pamper yourself, giving your feet some much-needed TLC. The process begins with a foot soak that will help to soften the skin on your feet. This is then followed by a cut and file, which is designed to remove any excess skin, as well as smooth out any dry patches. The filing helps to prevent nails from becoming too thick, and makes them easier to shape and style.

The polish stage helps to add a little colour and sparkle to your feet, with a range of shades and sparkles available to choose from. This stage is designed to help protect the nails, while also making them look beautiful.

To truly experience the spa-like feel of our pedicures, we suggest adding a massage to your treatment. With this, you can enjoy a gentle, deep massage of your feet and legs, helping to soothe tired muscles and invigorate your feet.

At, we strive to ensure that each and every one of our clients is able to reap the benefits of a professional pedicure. With the help of our expert team, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your feet are in safe hands.

So why not take the time to show your feet some extra love? With a professional pedicure from in Kolkata, you can enjoy the spa-like feel of our treatments, as well as the beautiful results they provide. Rejuvenate yourself today, and you’ll be sure to love the results.

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