back waxing in kolkata

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  • Cover the area from shoulders to pelvis.

How roll-on waxing works:

  • Pre wax preparation:

Sanitation of products and body parts fallowed by pre-wax gel & talcom powder application.

  • Roll-on waxing:

Uniform low heat wax application with roll-on applicator. hair removal with disposable strips.

  • Post-wax gel application:

Clean up to remove sickness fallowed by post-wax gel application for soothing effect.

  • Post-service cleanup:

Disposal of used items in a garbage bag and wiping of water/wax (if any from surface)

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Professional Back Waxing in Kolkata

Today, waxing has become an important part of personal hygiene and grooming for many people. Whether it’s back waxing or any other body part, waxing helps in removing unwanted hair while giving you a smooth and flawless skin.

At we provide professional back waxing services to cater to the grooming needs of our clients. Our back waxing service is performed in a professional and hygienic environment to ensure the highest quality results. We use only the best products and techniques to provide you with a safe and effective waxing experience.

The back waxing process begins with a pre-treatment phase where the skin is cleansed and prepped. This is followed by the application of warm wax, which is applied in the direction of the hair growth. The wax is then allowed to cool until it adheres to the hair. Once the wax has been applied, it is then swiftly removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After the waxing is done, a moisturizing lotion is applied to provide cooling relief and to soothe the skin.

At we understand that everyone has different skin types and needs and hence provide customised services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We recommend that you should exfoliate the skin before and after the waxing for best results. It is also important to avoid exposure to the sun, hot showers, swimming, or any other activities that can cause skin irritation post waxing.

So, if you’re looking for a professional back waxing service in Kolkata, book an appointment with us now! Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that you get the best quality service at all times. Get a smooth hair free back and flaunt your smooth, flawless skin.

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