Anti Rust Cleaning Ac service

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  • Prevent frequent gas leakages through any-rust technique
  • Applicable for window and split both kind of ACs
  • Get 2X deep dust removal with power foam jet technology
  • Recommended for ACs serviced more than 6 month ago

Service includes:

  • Foam cleaning of unit
  • Power jet cleaning

Gas leakage protection up-to 1 year: Anti-rust coating over copper coils to provides protection against frequent gas leakage

Pre-service checks: Comprehensive checkup including (gas check) to identity repairs

Indoor unit cleanup: Deep cleaning of cooling coil, drain trey using foam & power jet technology

100% mesh free experience: usage of washing bag to prevent spillage post service cleanup

Post service check: Proper checking of cooling rate and device functioning check to make your ac as new

Included :

Excluded :

Rust-Free AC Service for Kolkata

Service on clap ( Keep Your AC Running Smoothly and Efficiently with SocSpl’s Anti-Rust Cleaning Services

Don’t let rust ruin your air conditioner’s performance and dependability. With Anti-Rust Cleaning Service, you can get rid of rust and corrosion from your AC components and maintain its performance and reliability. Our service utilizes advanced cleaning technology to clean and rust off AC components like radiators, condensers, and evaporators. We guarantee to restore and maintain the smooth operation and efficiency of your air conditioner for years to come.

Anti-rust cleaning features:

• Advanced cleaning technology removes rust and corrosion from AC components.

• Restores smooth and reliable performance of your air conditioner.

• Helps to maintain your AC’s efficiency and dependability for years.

• Affordable and convenient cleaning service for Kolkata area.

• Environmentally friendly cleaning service with no toxic chemicals used.

Frequently asked questions

What about Anti-rust deep cleaning AC Service is different from deep cleaning AC Service?
Anti-rust deep cleaning AC Service offers deep cleaning of the AC along with 1 hundred percent Anti-leak coating on the fins, it will reduces the chances of corrosion and leaks. it means there is no need to gas refilling before the season end.
Will the professional bring the tools needed for the service?
Yes, all the required tools during the process will be brought in by the professional.
How I know whether genuine products are being used?
We always value of your trust hence we ensure that all our parts are aligned with high quality standard.
What if during the servicing, the professional finds out an issue in the AC?
In such case, the professional will help you to book a separate AC repair/Service or modify your booking in existing booking.


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12 Aug, 2023

good work

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