Why do we need to keep the house clean for our family ?


Now, most of the people of today's generation are not aware of the role of astrology in cleanliness. They think that cleaning the house means it is the simple process of removing the mess inside their house and throwing it out. However, the process of cleaning is a lot and it is the way through which the picture of Goddess Lakshmi comes to mind.

According to the scriptures, in the house where cleanliness is done every morning, Lakshmi stays thereby making her home. Positivity resides in a clean environment. Nothing is ever lacking in such a house. According to Vastu, keeping the house clean and tidy is a necessity. Cleaning the house improves confidence level and self-esteem as well as the respect of others. This is a good habit which always keeps us happy. This makes us feel very proud in society. Cleanliness is very necessary to maintain our healthy lifestyle and standard of living

Is it necessary to keep the house clean .

5 easy ways to clean the house that will come in your budget

To keep the house clean and healthy, if you are tired of spending money on expensive cleaners, then you will definitely want to know about their cheap home cleaner product. Know, some such easy ways to keep the house clean, which are available in your house and in the budget too.

1. Toilet Cleaner

How beneficial a bottle of cold drink kept in your fridge is for your health, it cannot be said, but it can definitely make your toilet shine. Yes, you can use soda containing cold drinks as an alternative to toilet cleaner. If you do not believe then try it yourself, it is also cheaper than toilet cleaner and as effective as them.

2. For utensils

If the soap runs out to clean the utensils, then the utensils can be cleaned well with salt too. Right under compulsion, but if such a situation comes in the house, then you can scrub the dishes with salt.

3. stubborn stains or traces of rust

A solution of vinegar, baking soda and lemon is a very effective solution to remove stubborn stains or rust marks on old things about the house. Not only this, the solution of baking soda in vinegar is really effective for cleaning the walls of the bathroom.

4. kitchen counters and slabs

If food is prepared here at the kitchen counter, it is obvious that there is more dirt here. Dust or dirt can accumulate here at any time. This is the reason why kitchen counters and stoves should be washed with water.

5. Sink

To remove the sticky grease from the sink, you will need to run hot water through it several times. After this add a cup of white vinegar and clean the basin with some baking powder soda.